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Objet a: SOLITUDE at West Bund Art and Design Fair

West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai

25 Sept - 25 Oct 2014


Co-organized by Shanghai West Bund Development Group Co., Ltd and the renowned artist Zhou Tiehai, the West Bund Art & Design Fair is the first of its type in China staging first-tier contemporary art and design. The first edition of West Bund Art & Design 2014 will break the routine by adopting an innovative “5+25” exhibition mode and brings the public a world-class visual feast in 30-day duration.


Sunnie is being invited to co-curate one of the 5 design exhibitions, titled "Solitude". Organised by a new Beijing-based design brand Objet a, the exhibiton explores solitude as a sentiment that transcends from the melacholy of citylife of the new generation of "middle class" in China. 


3 works by designers/ artists from Hong Kong were brought to the exhibition, proposing a cross-disciplinary approach of designing home products - how would a designer deal with the "readymades" and indigenous local crafts? And how would a conceptual artist see the "functionality" of design? 


[visit the Fair's official website for further details]


(english artist statement coming soon...)



"Together" by MIRO, furniture, 2014
"Blissful Solitude" by YY, lighting, 2014
「香港的密度剝奪了我們可以跟自己獨處的空間, 城市生活令大家也只能在手機尋找一點私人慰藉。是次作品借用英文俚語"blissful solitude"去回應我們對公共空間的一種期盼, 來尋求日常生活裡"獨處"的可能性。忠於鴛鴦一向對日常生活品的熱愛, 材料都是從山貨物店裡搜購- 嘗試從這類式微的民間店鋪衝擊新靈感。」
"Into Everyday's Consciousness", by Solomon Yu + Thomas Yuen
object, installation & digital video, 2014
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